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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vocaloid 2: Gumi and Hatsune Miku

vocaloid 2 cosplay - gumi and hatsune mikuZutsū ga utau pakkēji
A package sung by a headache

Itsu made tattemo hari wa yoji
Time may pass, but the hands are at 4

Daremo oshie te kure nai de
Don't tell anyone;

Sekai wa sakasa ni mawari dasu
The world will turn upside down

"Matryoshka" Lyrics and Translation by

Do you remember Yukino? She is one of the most active contributors here on Cosplay Holic! And now, she is submitting her very own cosplay of Gumi with her friend Val as Miku! Not only that, this is her first photo shoot, and it already looks so pro!

Congratulations on your Cosplay Holic Debut, Yukino! We’re looking forward to seeing more cosplays from you!